Wayfinding #3Wayfinding #3
Wayfinding #3 Secondary
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Last sold 14.2 SOL
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Description Digital+Analog painting created in collaboration with an HP7475a pen plotter. Hand-painted gouache & pen plotted Posca paints & Micron Sakura inks. 1/1 NFT + signed physical painting (shipping included) | 4096 x 4096 px | 10.25” x 12” | July 2022
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Auction won by ADHD
a year ago
14.2 SOL $527.90
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Bid by ADHD a year ago
14.2 SOL $496.24
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Listing by noumenal a year ago
12.5 SOL $410.24
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Artwork created by noumenal a year ago
Category abstract
Royalties 7vLQ...AUpv 15%
Update authority 7vLQ...AUpv
Token address JA3d...VF5X
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