Luis de los SantosLuis de los Santos
Luis de los Santos Secondary
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Last sold 36.64 SOL
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Description Luis de los Santos, 35. Renown practitioner of Nippology. Accredited Herbologist.
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Transfer from skyhook to buzzbuzz a year ago
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Auction won by skyhook
a year ago
36.64 SOL $1,129.49
skyhook thumbnailskyhook thumbnail
Bid by skyhook a year ago
36.64 SOL $1,129.49
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Bid by JB a year ago
33.3 SOL $1,025.25
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Bid by DeBakey a year ago
10 SOL $307.88
Attributes Collar 'Twist My Nips' Ears Modified Nipples Standard Issue
Category profile picture
Royalties ApJz...PpLr 10%
Update authority ApJz...PpLr
Token address KGFV...dcBj
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