Exchange.Art Validator

We are excited to announce that Exchange.Art is the first Digital Fine Art Marketplace to run a node on the Solana blockchain! Our goal is to provide artists and collectors with a validator where they can earn rewards and contribute to the security of the Solana network. Staking in our pool is open to all artists and collectors!
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Step 1Open your wallet & select ‘Solana’Step 1 image
Step 2Select ‘Start searning SOL’Step 2 image
Step 3Search ‘Exchange.Art’ and select ‘Exchange.Art’Step 3 image
Step 4Choose SOL amount to stake & select ‘Stake’Step 4 image
Frequently asked questions
What is a validator?
Validators are an essential part of the Solana blockchain. They are servers that operate specialized software that helps to secure every transaction made on the network. From minting artworks to placing a bid on Exchange Art, Solana validators are working behind the scene to ensure your transactions succeed and are recorded on the public ledger.
Why did Exchange Art start a validator?
Exchange Art is an artist and collector-driven fine art marketplace. We wanted to provide an avenue for artists and collectors to be able to secure the provenance of the artworks they created and collected. We'll use the commissions earned to reinvest back into the artist and collector community in the form of education grants, programs and IRL artists events.
What is staking and how should I do it?
Solana is a Proof-of-Stake based blockchain, where holders of SOL can earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their holdings by staking it with a validator. By doing so, you signal your support to the validator and provide it with a small share of the yield it provides.
Who is in control of my SOL while it is staked?
When you stake with the Exchange.Art validator, your SOL always remains in your custody. A staking wallet paired to your private key holds your SOL and delegates it to a validator. At no point does the Exchange Art validator ever come in contact with your SOL!
How much do I make staking with Exchange Art?
Staking rewards are determined by a variety of factors within Solana, but generally hover between 6% - 8% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).
What are the downsides to staking my SOL?
The biggest downside for staking is the brief staking/unstaking period that takes place. Solana runs on “epochs” and each epoch lasts roughly 2-3 days. Staking and unstaking both require a full epoch to take effect, so it can take up to 3 days to unstake your SOL before it returns to your wallet.
Why should I support the Exchange Art validator?
Exchange Art is focused on growing the overall supply and demand for artworks on Solana. We'll reinvest the commissions earned back into the artist and collector community in the form of education grants, programs and IRL artists events.
Can you provide the specific details for the validator? I would like to verify the information.
For more information on the Exchange Art validator, please click here.